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Personalized Treat Boxes

Image by Carl Raw

Interested in arranging personalized treat boxes to be delivered to you, a loved one, or a colleague? We can take care of that for you!

Check out how below:



Review our treat box options below.  Once decided, enter your information on the form at the bottom.



We will reach out to confirm your order and review any customizations

you would like to make within 24 hours. 

All treat boxes will be dropped off or shipped out by the agreed upon date.

Optional: All boxes can be personalized with your business logo or

created special for your private event.





Introducing the STM Mini Treat Box – a bite-sized delight! Elevate your events with this sweet addition, offering a delectable experience for every guest. 

All boxes, candy and snacks selections can be personalized.

Pricing varies depending on box style:

$0.50 - $1.00 per box

STM Truck (1)_edited.jpg


Embark on a delicious journey with our

STM Small Treat Box – a thoughtfully curated selection featuring 10+ sweet sensations, all elegantly arranged in a stylish box. From decadent chocolates to salty delights, this box is a celebration of flavors, perfect for indulging your taste buds or gifting to someone special. 

All boxes, candy and snacks selections can be personalized.

Cost per box: $12.00


Dive into the indulgent world of our STM Medium Treat Box - a treasure trove of sweetness featuring 15+ selections. From rich chocolates to irresistibly chewy candies and an array of sweet delights, this box is a symphony of flavors designed to captivate your taste buds. 

All candy and snacks selections can be customized per box.

Cost per box: $15.00

STM Truck (2).png
STM Truck (3).png


Sweeten your day with the STM Large Candy Box! This is the ultimate treat for all ages and families! With 25+ options of delicious candy and treats, this box offers the largest variety you can find. Don't miss out on this delightful assortment.

All candy and snacks selections can be customized per box.

Cost per box: $25.00


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Ready to sweeten the moment? Complete the form below, and we'll be in touch to discuss your treat box design and all the delicious details!

We'll get back to you within 24 hours.


Full payment is required prior to delivery.


Thanks for your interest in Savor The Moment!

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